What is Active Continuous Optimization?

Each word has a meaning. Active means that, unlike most monitoring and management tools that identify problems but do not make modifications, our software takes action and remedies any performance issue. Continuous refers to the ongoing nature of the function. Computers operate in a constantly changing environment and must be continually tuned to maintain performance; it is not a “one and done” function. And finally, Optimization is the process of enabling your computer to perform as efficiently as possible.

So how exactly does Voosh ACO work?

Voosh ACO, once installed, remotely connects to your PC or server and prompts the optimization software to run a series of tests. These tests collect performance and configuration data, as well as any other item that could be used to evaluate the performance potential of your PC. Each metric is fed into an individual algorithm that fine-tunes each metric individually. Finally, our ACO software runs these results through a mathematical formula called the LaGrange multiplier, which finds a balance point between all the optimizations so that they all work to their maximum potential without obstructing one another.

How long does it take for my computer to be fully-optimized?

It will vary depending on how many changes you make to your machine, i.e. installing and removing applications and/or services, downloading large files, or if it is a laptop are you regularly using it on different networks with different Internet Service Providers. Usually in a consistent environment it will take about 3 tests and a reboot to get it to its peak performance.

After my computer reaches its peak performance, why do I still need Voosh ACO?

Voosh ACO is continuous because as you use your computer, you’re constantly changing the amount of available resources with each application you use. Continuos testing allows Voosh ACO to optimize the machine’s current performance settings to match your usage. So when you stop using Voosh ACO, optimization stops, and your computer’s settings automatically revert back to their original, prior to Voosh ACO, values.

What happens if I forget to pay my subscription then decide to pick it back up? Do the optimizations start over from scratch?

Each individual optimization stands on its own, rather than building on top of the previous optimization. So when ACO starts again, after about three optimizations, your machine should return to its peak performance capacity.

Why are the upload and download speeds different than some other online tool readings?

Though there are many methods of measuring upload and download speeds, we use a single-channel methodology that our data has shown to be the most accurate form of measurement. Voosh ACO is also testing to find capacity, bottlenecks and configuration problems, not just upload and download speeds.

Do I have to reboot my machine to start Voosh ACO?

No, Voosh ACO will start and run on its own. However, for some optimizations on Windows computers, a reboot is required for the changes to take effect.

Do I need to do anything to make sure Voosh ACO is running all the time?


Does Voosh ACO require Wi-Fi or some kind of internet connection to work?


How do I see the results of Voosh ACO (how do I access the dashboard?)

Simply visit VooshACO.com. After logging in, you will see a “Performance Dashboard” tab in the top right portion of your menu navigation. When clicked, this will display the results of Voosh ACO on your computer.

How soon will I notice results?

Typically, changes will occur almost immediately, with all changes occurring within the first 10 minutes of installing the software and rebooting your computer. You will see results once at least one test each is run to test and optimize both Networking and IO.

Can I use my subscription on multiple devices?

No. Your subscription only supports optimizing a single personal computer.

Does the Voosh ACO software take up a lot of storage space on my computer to install and run?

No. The software only takes up about 10 Mbytes of data on your hard drive.

Does Voosh ACO protect from malware or viruses?


Will Voosh ACO free up space on my computer or do anything to affect storage?

It will not free up storage space but it will optimize the disc input and output for faster, stronger performance.

Voosh ACO tunes settings on my computer- what if it tunes the wrong settings and “breaks” my machine?

Although this has never happened, we have taken extensive steps to ensure our software will capture and correct these errors in the rare chance of an occurrence. After each optimization, the software performs a final test to ensure performance has actually improved. In the rare chance that it did not, we keep the four most current sets of settings, and the software can rollback to them in sequential order if our systems pick up an error. In a worst-case scenario, settings can be reverted to the original, and after about three optimizations, your machine will return to peak performance.

Does my subscription start when I purchase? Or when I install the software?

When you purchase the software you immediately install the software and your subscription starts.

Does Voosh ACO require a credit card to start a FREE trial?

No. However, in order to maintain your computer’s optimized settings after your FREE trial ends, you must enter a credit card to upgrade to a paid subscription. Without this subscription, your computer will return to its pre-VooshACO performance settings.

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